One Year Anniversary (Coming Soon) and Changes for 2013

Decided to give this “press release” a little early. Originally I was going to wait for January 1, but figured it would better to ease people into the changes.


  • The release schedule will be gone. That means when I write and proofread a review, it goes live. No more waiting. At that time the homepage/archives will have been updated.
  • I will only review seasons and/or completed works. After doing this for almost a year now I feel that writing reviews for individual episodes is getting sloppy. I’m basically saying the same things within a month’s time.


  • Any request for me to review an audio drama podcast will have to go through my “trailer-trilogy test.” It’s fairly simple: You get three episodes and/or a promo to hook me into the story. I do this, because chances are if I don’t like the first few episodes, then I won’t like the rest.
  • A podcast/audio version of my reviews (new and old) may be on their way this upcoming year. I don’t know, because I haven’t recorded any. 🙂 I will let everyone know if and when the first episode is released. But do note that it probably won’t be released on a consistent basis, just when I have the time.
  • A FREE ebook (.epub, .mobi, or .pdf) containing all the reviews I’ve done for a year (January 2012-December 2012).

Again, these changes/updates won’t be taking place until January 1 And with that I bid you all farewell.

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