Post-Ebook Era Update

Starting July 6, Audio Drama Reviews will return to a weekly schedule.

This will go indefinitely. It’s kind of why there’s been a lapse in reviews. That and fixing some ebook errors (see below).

Updated Request Guidelines Page

There are slight changes to the “request guidelines” page. I can’t emphasize enough that the story needs to have sort of end. As a rule of thumb, If you know that the episode ends on a cliff hangar, don’t submit it! Finish the story, first. If it’s a serial, find an appropriate stopping place and mention the episode numbers in your e-mail.

Ebook Details Continued…

It came to my attention that the ebook out there on amazon, kobo, and smashwords have a few errors in them. I’ve been trying to keep it updated, hoping that the changes I made would be reflected in the ebooks that have already been downloaded. As far as Amazon goes, that’s not the case. I wanted to apologize for not catching this stuff before clicking publish.

Rating System and iTunes Store Reviews

Starting immediately, there will be a rating system for all works that have at least “3 stars”. Anything less will not be reviewed on iTunes or wherever you’ve placed the audio drama. This is to help the audio dramas in their iTunes rankings. There will still be some negative reviews, but they will remain solely on the site.

Here are the ratings:

1 Star: Clipping

2 Star: SFX Confusion

3 Star: Worth the Time

4 Star: Story First

5 Star: Oh the Feels

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