Site Updates for 2018 – Back to Basics

Updates 1: Release Schedule Returns 2018

It is with great excitement we announce the return of the release schedule starting early next year, along with some other cool updates. We’ve been working hard at listening to all the content in the review request queue along with some other great audio dramas we think you’re going to love. An official date will be announced in 2017, regarding the reimplementation of the release schedule.

Since we are going back to basics and continuing the podcast, the way reviews are released will change slightly. We like to think of it as an improvement. More details on that below.

Update 2: E-mail Reviews and Early Access

As some of you know, if you subscribe to our e-mail list, you’ll still receive early access to reviews. Since the release schedule is returning, we wanted to make sure you’re not being cheated out of your benefits. Therefore Audio Drama Reviews plans to stay two weeks ahead of the public release of reviews. In short, this means e-mail subscribers will receive their access 2 weeks before it goes to the general public. Reviews will be released on Sunday Mornings.

Update 3: Fan Polls and Beyond the First Season

There are so many great audio dramas out there. We try our best to remain neutral and objective. This means continued listening goes somewhat against our philosophy. That will change next year.

Followers on Twitter will see a poll for shows where the first season has already been reviewed once a month. Once the results are in, the winning show will receive a review of their next season. For example, The Bright Sessions would get a review of their second season if enough people voted for them. Due to budgetary constraints, these reviews will be published FIRST on another website. The site allows writers to get paid for content based on the number of views their articles get. It costs nothing for the reader. Join our e-mail list to find out where.

We are effectively on hiatus until the new year as we listen like mad monkeys, write like the wind, and record like crazy. More details will be coming down the pipe soon. Until then …


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