Sweeney Todd: A Bit More Polishing Off From Olde Sweeney Todd

The plot thickens. Now I’ve used that cliche twice to start a review. I really need new one liners. Anyway, the second part of Sweeney Todd and the String of Pearls has a plot that does thicken.

What I really noticed this time around was the Nineteenth century dialogue. It blended quite well with the attention span of modern audiences. Being a member of the modern audience, by which I mean, I’m not old old enough to remember the golden age of radio. In fact, I heard my first audio drama podcast in 2008. But that’s not why you came to this website. You came to hear me review this wonderful story.

Back to the dialogue, the script had that shakespearean acting vibe. The result of this, however, wasn’t confusion. There was no need for a “No-Fear…” series of books for this four part adventure. I could tell the amount of work that went into each line of dialogue. It got its point across, moved the story forward, and all by using a style of speaking that has been non-existent for centuries. (Not sure if that last sentence I wrote counts?).