Wormwood Episode 1


I enjoyed the humor of the story, but felt the drama fluctuated to points of extreme suspense and tension to none at all. I wondered if it was a comedy with drama thrown in or a drama with comedy thrown in. Seeing as this is only one episode there are bound to be missing/odd portions in the script that would be explained in future episodes. In terms of characters I enjoyed them all and felt I could relate to a lot them.


The production value was good, better than most online companies. Again I am assuming that the collaboration was done online. The problem I had, and forgive me if I’m using the wrong terminology, was the EQ of the overall mix. It sounded like all the actors came from the same microphone, which is usually good. However the microphone sounded hardly had any breathing room. I’m not sure if it was a stylistic choice, but when you have the illusion that people are in the same room you want it to sound roomy.


As I said in the previous section the actors bounce off eachother’s lines as if they are in the same room. Each performance brought that world to life.

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