My Dinner at Baker Street

The second episode of The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes, from Joe Bevilacqua seems to have forgotten to mention what kind of show this is by promising one thing and giving us something else by the next episode.

I enjoyed episode one a lot, but I don’t remember it being a farce comedy where Holmes was a complete idiot. This is all episode two was, one wacky hijinks after another, making the world’s greatest detective (sorry Batman, but he inspired real life forensics) a laughing stock. I’m all for comedy, but when it makes a well known character a complete buffoon, it just feels like betrayal–especially after the great first episode.

The plot of this episode is pretty self-explantory, given the title. Holmes has invited someone to dinner. Based on my own deductive powers, it was more than likely one of two people from Holmesian canon: Lestrade or Moriarty. After all, they were the only two not mentioned or heard from in episode one. Hijinks at the expense of character ensues and you get something that isn’t quite parody, but not a serious Sherlock Holmes adaptation either.

3/5 Stars

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