Release Schedule

Tales of Sage and Savant Season One
Complete 100%
Anansi Story Time
Writing 50%
Mad Mel and the Marradians
Recording/Editing 75%
The Blood Drawn Chronicles Season One
Recording/Editing 75%
Edict Zero FIS Season Two
Writing 50%
Return of the Jedi
Complete 100%
Solaris Seethes
Recording/Editing 75%
Dr. Who: Dark Journey Season Two
Recording/Editing 75%
The Lost Logs of the Saratoga
Listening 25%
Mr. Rickey Calls a Meeting
Recording/Editing 75%
Powder Burns Episode Six
Writing 50%

How to Read

This list is for the general public release of each review. E-mail subscribers will receive their early copy of the review 1-2 weeks before it goes live on the site. Exact dates as to when e-mail subscribers will get their advanced copy can be found on the public calendar and is the best place to see the most recent schedule. Reviews will post at 10 AM central on both the newsletter and site.

February 2018

2/4: Ex Tenebris

2/25: Sad Stories and Happy Songs

March 2018

3/18: Prism Break 

April 2018

4/8: The Tales of Sage and Savant (Season One)

4/29: Anansi Story Time

May 2018

5/20: Mad Mel and the Marradians

June 2018

6/10: The Blood Drawn Chronicles (Season One)

July 2018

7/1: Edict Zero FIS (Season Two)

7/22: Return of the Jedi

August 2018

8/12: Solaris Seethes

September 2018

9/2: Dr Who – Dark Journey Season Two

9/23: Theater of Tomorrow – The Lost Logs of the Saratoga

October 2018

10/14: Mr. Rickey Calls a Meeting

November 2018

11/4: Powder Burns Episode Six