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I’ve been getting more and more requests to review audio dramas. I’ve decided, for my own future sanity, that there should be some simple guidelines. If you do not follow these guidelines, you will be put on a waiting list until I have the time and no other obligations to deal with. It might be a short wait, or it might be long. My advice is to read the directions carefully. If you have any questions, post in the comments below.


1. All requests must be sent to

If you respond on Twitter or Facebook, I’ll kindly point you in the direction of the e-mail address listed above.

2. Use the following subject header (minus the quotation marks) “ADR Request: YOUR TITLE HERE” (Yes, put the title in all caps).

I’ve recently set up a filter in my inbox to sort all messages of this type, again for my future sanity.

3. If the work is free post a link to the iTunes feed or the file itself, whichever one works best for you. Note that any file made for purchase by the general public that I may receive will NOT be shared in any way shape or form.

4. Make sure there is a beginning, middle, and end for the work you are submitting—whether that be a full season or the complete series. Shorts are also acceptable, so long as the abide by the guidelines above.

In the message of the e-mail, be sure to include relevant Twitter accounts and Facebook pages so that notifications can be sent on when the review is published.

5. Wait

Depending on if I’m reviewing an entire season or an audio drama short, the amount of time it takes to listen and write the review will vary.

EDIT 2017: Please address your requests to Zane or Michael in the body of the email you send to the request email address. If you don’t care who reviews it, just the standard information above will suffice.

Currently in the Queue:

  • Endurance Episodes 7-12
  • Snow White, produced by Voices in the Wind
  • Wooden Overcoats Season 1

If a show you requested is not listed. It’s because trying to listen to more than 2-3 shows at a time is confusing and my time is stretched thin as it is. That and I feel my attention would be unfairly divided between them. I will do my best to update this page after each review is published.

3 thoughts on “Request Guidelines

  1. Thanks for your detailed instructions. I just wanted to make sure I understand how firm of an ending you require. Do most major plot threads need to be resolved, or do you just not want to have to hear a cliffhanger?

    We’ve reached a point in our series which would basically function as a midseries break if this were television. There are several major plot threads that need to be resolved, but all of our main characters have reached definitive, irreversible turning points in their story arcs. Should we submit now or would we be best served waiting until the actual end of the season.

    Thank you!

    • I’d wait until you finish the season to be on the safe side. To answer your other question: yes, you can end on a cliffhanger, but it should add something new you plan on exploring further along in the series. A good example of this is the pilot episode of Hadron Gospel Hour. It wraps up the episodes main conflict, but adds something to the end which setups the entire series.

      Hope that answers both your questions.

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