Duties and Expectations

  • Listening to the projects assigned by the Editor and writing a review between 300-500 words.
  • Basic SEO knowledge preferred.
  • WordPress experience required.
  • Give exclusive audio rights to Audio Drama Reviews to create an podcast version of the final review. This does not include text. You are free to publish it elsewhere as long as you link back to the Audio Drama Reviews post.

Process and Payment

  • Editor will provide a username for the reviewer, which they will use to login and write their reviews.
  • Each review is subject to edits by the editor or other reviewers before publication is allowed.
  • Payment occurs either the first or second week of a new month through PayPal.
  • The maximum amount is $5 for 500 words and a minimum of $10 in order to get paid.
  • Reviews less than 500 words are .01/word.