I Have a New Ebook Out. This One’s Different. It’s Fiction. Also, Brief Hiatus in Effect

Two weeks ago, I linked to my most recent ebook release. The review in question was for Across the Nightingale Floor. It was rather brief mention and not many people saw the post, according to my stats.

Being the unashamed, self-promoter that I am, I decided I’d write this blog post. Don’t worry, this will be the final mention on on the blog, but I will be pimping this book on the twitters and the book of faces. You can find those accounts here (Twitter) and here (Facebook).

If you like intrigue of the political nature and historical fiction, especially one set in Feudal Japan, you may want to check out Moon and Star. Oh, and it has a slight fantasy element.

Here’s the synopsis.

For Kaito, becoming Shogun was a sure thing. But when he learns the truth about his birth, he is forced into a world of conspiracy, politics, and a decades-old plan for the total domination of his home. He is the son of a rival clan lord. The same one who threatens his adopted family with war.

The opposing force’s armies are bigger and ready to attack, but something holds them at bay. Someone is pulling the strings and after the Shogun dies everyone becomes a suspect in both his murder and who, or what, is preventing the coming war.

A tale of magic, swords, and lies, Moon and Star asks the question: Does the right to rule come from within or without? Blood or sweat? Birth or chosen by the people?

It’s currently available for $2.99 on amazon kindle exclusively. You can also read it for free if you are an amazon prime member. Share it with your friends and I hope you enjoy it.

FULL DISCLOSURE: this book ends on a cliffhanger, but you’ll get the complete book once it’s edited and ready to go. Shouldn’t be too long, now. I’ll hopefully have it done before July 5, when something special is scheduled to happen with both my story and the site. Look forward to that announcement.


It’s getting harder to both listen and review audio stories on a weekly basis, which is why from now until July 5, 2015, AudioDramaReviews.com will not be posting any new reviews. I will be using this time to listen to as much content as I can. I appreciate everyone’s understanding and I’ll see you the day after the fourth of July.

–Michael Bergonzi