The Mystery of the Creepy Hack Writer

The first of ten episodes from The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes from Joe Bevilacqua is everything you’ve come to expect from the now public domain literary character. In an addition to having the audible tone of a Holmes radio narrative, the story itself is new. Having only read the first three to four stories found in most Sherlock Holmes collections, this one feels fresh. It’s not another retelling of a story, such as “A Study in Scarlett” which seems to get a nice adaptation polish every year or so via some artistic medium.

The plot of this episode is straight forward. Holmes and Watson–who have only just met–are visited by a mysterious gentlemen. As the story progresses, you find out who this person is. it’s a fun little WTF moment that acts as both a coolness factor and fan service. The simplicity of it is mind boggling. You think you’re getting another standard mystery, but what you’re given isn’t that, it’s so much better.

4.5/5 Stars

You can get this, along with the entire collection over at, iTunes,, and (CD Set). Note that some retailers price it higher than others.