Star Trek: Outpost Season One

Star Trek: Outpost includes the things people love about the television series and its many spin-off shows. Everything from characters, interesting species, “techno babble,” and dry humor are all included in each 30-60 minute episode.

They say character is most the important element of storytelling. Nobody knows this better than Gene Roddenberry, who’s space opera has touched the lives of people all over the world. Why? Because of the characters were interesting, engaging, and well-rounded.

Granted, I’m not Trek fan by any stretch of the imagination, but from the episodes I’ve watched of the original series, plot took a backseat to character. Star Trek: Outpost is no different. It feels like Star Trek, told in a serialized, rather than episodic way. For some that may be a flaw. Other’s may see it as refreshing getaway from the typical plot-centered stories often found in today’s movies.

Where Outpost truly shines is its attention to the characters. Each one is unique and feels like a living breathing person with their own passions, desires, and personalities unique to themselves and only themselves.

One complaint is that the first seven episodes are hard to pin down as to what exactly is going on in terms of the plot. By episode seven you’re more grounded in the characters and world than the events that have been taking place. It takes half the season to get to the point where crap hits the proverbial fan and that’s a genuine problem it faces. These are long episodes and I personally can’t tell you what happened in the first six and a half episodes in terms of the plot. There kind of isn’t any.

Once you get past that opening hump, the story really picks up momentum. If this sounds like your cup of tea, definitely check out this fan-run Star Trek audio drama from Giant Gnome Productions.

4/5 Stars