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Lilith’s Children


The story was confusing, but the script was alright. The reason it’s confusing is because it feels like just a bunch of scenes pasted next to each other that ramps up the tension, but ends on a cliffhanger. Which isn’t a bad thing, but a nice arc for a few scenes would have been nice. It seemed like every scene new characters were introduced. This additive process then repeats itself until the episode’s ending. It doesn’t answer any questions, merely adds more characters to a plot. And to me that’s not pacing that’s just structured scenes.


Mixing was good. Didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Loved the theme song. My only complaint, and this could go in anyone of the three categories, is that the character’s sound too similar. This only added to my “feeling” of confusion, as I’ve stated above. And let me reiterate that this is just the feeling I get, not actual mistakes in the story itself. I’m sure with a second listen I could catch all the parts I’ve missed, but if you don’t get the audience interested the first time it’s damn near impossible to get them to re-listen.


The acting was good, but added to my confusion of the story. A lot of the voices sounded too similar. One actor in particular, I won’t mention a name, fooled me into thinking he was acting and not reading the lines in a different voice. I’ve been known to do this myself and I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or bad thing as people say that acting and deception/lying are often synonymous. That being said it really didn’t bother me until the last few sentences of the character before the scene ended.