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Robots of the Company Episode 1


The story is an interesting one. The pacing was perfect for a comedy series. Not a lot of tension, except towards the end. I laughed a bit, but I don’t think the writer was going for a straight out comedy otherwise I would’ve laughed non-stop. For those who know me in person I laugh at just about anything. So there were serious and dramatic bits that seemed to overpower the comedic ones. I thought of it more of as a sitcom that I laughed at the jokes, but the characters didn’t rub off on me. Not to say that the characters aren’t likable, it’s that it has that feel. There are a lot of sitcoms old and present that have one-dimensional characters, but the humor it there. Sort of the best of bits, for me at least, wrapped into one series. I also loved the idea of an all-powerful company in a non-thriller kind of story. It was a nice twist.


The production value was great, not much I can comment on that stuck out. The music during the narration bits felt like it was made it for it. Nice sound effects, though some instances where they lasted longer. It was like the floating head syndrome, but with sound effects instead of actors.


I was shocked when I learned who some of the voices belonged to. I was very impressed that some actors I knew from other production companies could do such talented things with their voice. Good job to everyone.