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Small Victories: A 9-Part Series on Addiction

Small Victories is a slice-of-life show combined with 90s radio station aesthetics that are more apparent in the beginning and end of each episode that it’s both a frame and not a frame for the show. Produced by WGC Productions and with a predominantly Black cast, the 9-episode first season goes by quicker than most shows with more episodes.

The main way the episodes feel fast is through pacing. Each scene is roughly one episode and that makes the time go quickly. For the most part, the story engages with the listener on some level through dialogue and character interactions.

Framing Devices in Small Victories

The show’s description from their press kit—like its episodes—is short, sweet, and to the point. “After a near-death experience, Marisol Montgomery has decided to be sober which, of course, is harder than it sounds.”

Perhaps needless to say, the story kicks off with a relapse. For a story about addiction, it’s a bit of a low-hanging fruit. However, it’s what a story does afterward that makes it stand out from every other story about getting over addiction.

Small Details and Small Victories

The level of detail in certain episodes adds to this world quite similar to our own. One example is the constant barrage of text message notifications on Marisol’s phone in episode four. In most other shows that use Apple’s default tone, even sparingly, have an uphill battle as it almost always knocks the listener out of the story. Small Victories circumvents this by making the jerk back into reality part of how Marisol is feeling at the time. That being tense, anxious, and wanting to get away.

Character Interactions and Chemistry

The chemistry between Marisol and Nina is so realistic. They bounce off each other so well that it feels like they’re in the same room together. Add in the subject matter of a waning relationship and this slice of life is a big pie with plenty of filling in that one piece.

8.5/10+ Stars

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