Home » We’re Alive: A Story of Survival (Season 2)

The second season deals more with the character interactions much more than the first season. There’s a whole other zombie-infested LA to explore and the writers venture out to places unknown with Michael, Kelly, and Pegs.

At first glance the place seems like a paradise, but upon closer inspection the colony is on the verge of collapse. The bad part of this subplot is that it’s kind of filler material. The subplot’s engaging and moves the story forward, but after the issues are resolved it kind of bears the listener asking the question: was all that really necessary for this one thing to happen?

After that long story arc, three new people  join up with the people at the tower. Introductions are made, but things have gotten worse since Michael and the other’s got back: someone left the tower. There’s a big emotional scene that brought tears to my eyes as I walked home from the public library where I live. It amazed me that, having never experienced that kind of bond with anyone, I was crying and thinking this is how it feels like to feel like you’ve lost someone close and you could’ve done something to save them.

The climax is quite similar to the end of the first season. It’s different enough, however, that it feels fresh and original, despite having essentially the same plot archetype of survive. Only this time, they may not have been so lucky. The season finale got me pumped up to purchase the third season on audible.com. I eagerly awaited my next credit, which felt like it took forever to get deposited into my account.