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7th Son: Descent (Chapters 4 and 5)

Chapter 4

The proof chapter in which the listener learns that they do have the same memories, but cloning is still in the skeptical pile as Jack (the geneticist) doesn’t believe that humans can clone other humans. And with good reason too. Dr. Mike, Thomas, Killroy 2.0 and Jonathan all sit in their own rooms while Michael (the marine), John (musician) and Jack discuss their childhood and find the evidence that there memories are in fact exactly the same. The other four clones each have their own questions and fears to face.

While I’m not that big on reaction chapters, I felt this was necessary as who wouldn’t be thinking what the clones are thinking after hearing what they heard. The way Hutchins shows how the clones have the same memories is simple, yet creative. And I think that was the best route to go.

Chapter 5

The chapter after the storm starts out just reintroducing the characters. Which is necessary when you have seven protagonists. The focus of the chapter is on Dr. Mike (the criminal psychologist) and how is unwilling to except the truth that he is a clone. It’s an interesting parallel with the POV character, John, who takes the opposite view. It’s a matter of fact vs belief. Dr. Mike has some evidence supporting his claim that all of this is an attempt to brainwash the seven of them. Everyone else barely has any proof, other than the worn out photographs of each of the clones Uncle Carl and Aunt Jaclyn.

It is possible for the listener to be skeptical as human cloning seems impossible with today’s technology in 2011 and this podcast novel was written in 2006. Add in the ability to record, copy and paste entire memories and you get yourself a science fiction story that will divide the readers into two categories: ones that love the book and ones that hate it. Even though previously mentioned in the last chapter, I still had a hard time believing it.

But just like real life, the majority is often right. Same goes for fiction as the six other clones are confident that all seven of them are indeed clones with the same memories of the man dubbed, John Alpha.