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Review submissions will open soon so ready your audio editor of choice. Complete with a brand new list and intake form for simplicity on both ends.

Because I’m reopening a new review queue, reviews sent before that time will be put on hold if still active and deleted if the podcast is no longer putting out the show.

This will not affect limited series shows and complete series with no more episodes planned. So many shows either died out or haven’t produced in years and have “pod-faded.”

Testing the WAVs

For the last month of 2022, I’m finally reopening the review queue. There is a catch. You can’t submit your own show for review. Why open the gates if nobody’s being let in? Hold on, I never said nobody could get on the list. At least until further notice, the way a show gets added is that someone else must recommend it. This person can’t be involved with the creation of the project.

I hope this decision will bring the audio drama community closer, giving some positive feelings for the person who recommended a show in the same way a small act of kindness can brighten both people’s days.

Two Months of Black Stories and Creators

For the first two months of 2023, I’m showcasing stories with Black main characters and Black Artists in the audio drama field. January will be dedicated to more modern and speculative stories. February will be more about historical fiction in time for black history month. The reviews will release every Sunday starting on January 1, 2023.

January Stories

  1. Megaton Girl
  2. Apollyon
  3. Small Victories
  4. Batman: Unburied
  5. Blackbirds V1

February Stories

  1. Harlem Queen
  2. 1972
  3. Bronzeville Season Two
  4. Timestorm + A Surprise and Complementary Bonus.

On Your Mark, Get Set … GO!

Submissions open on December 1st. Remember to only recommend some of your favorite audio dramas yet to be covered on the site. If you aren’t sure, submit it anyway. Chances are we haven’t touched many new shows since going on hiatus. The form will appear on the Requests Guidelines page on the morning of December 1.