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Culture and War

Culture and War

The sequel to Moon and Star. Dive into the history of the world and see the world through another's eyes.

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About the Book

The battle of Kyotomo and Azulama’s defeat at the hands of Kaito is losing its importance. Both swords of immense power are in Kaito’s possession and only he can control them. Jakai and Chaiku are experiencing a golden age but at a cost. No one alive knows anything about it. Not even Kaito—the ruler of both Chaiku and Jakai.

History and Truth Blur

News of a revived slave trade disturbs Kaito, but not as much as the voice and Azulama’s last words. “You worship a false god.” When he finds out the voice’s identity, Kaito’s world will not only turn upside down but also reverse.

This serialized fantasy adventure with easter eggs for fans of Japanese and Chinese history, Culture and War digs deep into historical events while still maintaining continuity with Moon and Star. You’ll want to know more about what’s true and where it comes from. It’s alternate history meets fantasy that “stands up with the likes of RF Kuang … and Evan Winters.” — Neil Sharma of Alalhambra Book Reviews

Series: The Jakai Chronicles, Book 2
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Altereset Books
Length: Serialized Novel
eBook Price: 2.99
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