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The Leviathan Chronicles (Chapter 1)


The script is unique in that it can either be an audio drama or a podcast audiobook. I haven’t heard of anything that combines the best of both worlds and after listening to this, the bar for future projects like this is up in outer space. I really enjoyed this. Great prose narration and the dialogue was the perfect combination of science and casual talking. I could understand enough of what the actors were talking about to get more enveloped in the story. I couldn’t help but be chilled by the use of sound effects and music choices. Add in the narrator and I got the same sense I get when reading good horror stories. I get that vibe, but it’s not horror. And usually that kind of “it’s horror, but it’s not” kind story doesn’t really appeal to me. Then again I haven’t really seen it done in audio form this successfully. I have heard some very good audio horror stories, but this just blows them out of the water (no pun intended).


I don’t know if the recording is all done at once, but it sounds like actors are in the same room. If they use the traditional e-mail the lines method than the amount of detail and thought put into the dialogue bits was outstanding.


Acting is top notch. Not much to say other than I loved it.

2 thoughts on “The Leviathan Chronicles (Chapter 1)

  1. I’m not sure if they recorded all the actors in the same room but they don’t use “the traditional e-mail the lines method”

    Apparently they have a director who used to work in film directing the actors.

    1. Yeah ,I noticed a twitter post saying something about getting in the studio. But I saw that after I published the review.

      Very cool that the guy used to be in film. I’ll have to google him sometime 🙂

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