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The Leviathan Chronicles (Chapter 3)

The story this time around is interesting, but at points hard to accept as real. It’s mostly the expositional scenes and the end where this happens. For most fiction the reader, or listener in this case, has the most connection to the protagonist. After the last chapter, I get that vibe that Macallan is that character and if she doesn’t believe then the listener won’t believe either. Add in her thoughts about the brutal murder of her lab partner and it’s even more confusing. In fiction, when exposition is given there is no doubt in the reader/listener’s mind that what is being told is the truth, if done correctly and despite the main character’s doubts. For me, that was not the case. At first I fell in the category of believing, then after the aforementioned corpse scene I was going along with the protagonist’s thoughts. I’m not really sure what the author was going for, but it just left me on the fence as to whether I should believe or not believe.

Other than the big reveals and end of the chapter, the rest of the story was good. One little nitpick I have is that we are introduced to Othello as if we’ve known him already. the first line of one of the prose sections starts with the Othello doing something. My first reaction: Who’s Othello?

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  1. Although I had a some what similar reaction, Othello was introduced in chapter 3 a little after the 13 minute mark.


    Macallan and Whit Roberts are driving to her Aunts place when they are crashed into by Anton and Othello, Macallan is picked up by them and they introduce themselves in the car.

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