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Great Pods and The Podcast Academy Team Up in London

Once again, Great Pods and The Podcast Academy (TPA) are putting an event together this month in London. The event will take place on May 21, 2024 from 4-6 PM local time at The Angelic, located near the Business Centre at 57 Liverpool Rd, London N1 0RJ, United Kingdom. This coincides with a larger event located in the same vicinity as the smaller one.

For the sake of transparency, Audio Drama Reviews is a supporter of this year’s smaller event. Other supporters include Dolby for Podcasts, Simplecast, Adswizz, Hubhopper, editaudio, and Podcast Delivery.

About the Events

The smaller podcast event near London’s Business Centre is free with an option to RSPV. It starts before 4 PM for those who want to network amongst podcasters and other podcast-adjacent activities. This get-together coincides with The Podcast Show 2024. The larger event also takes place in London, but if you’re there a few hours early, stop in and say hello. Audio Drama Reviews will not be in attendance.

The Podcast Show 2024 is the name of the larger event. There are currently two tiers for pass types — Gold and Platinum — with the latter costing 89 GBP for a day pass and 165 GBP for a two-day pass. The platinum tier automatically gives you a pass for two days for 245 GBP. Prices will go up for both tiers the day before the event. A third cheaper option is currently sold out.

About the Presenters of the London Podcast Event

Great Pods is the rotten tomatoes of podcast criticism. It has a newsletter of 1700 subscribers with around 850 regular opens, a YouTube Channel which grew from 3300 to 9300 in the span of a year.

The creator of the awards known as the Ambies®, The Podcast Academy’s goal is to “support podcast makers and advance the cultural merit of the medium.” Some notable members include Arielle Nissenblatt of Earbuds Collective, Sangeeta Pillai of Soul Sutras (one of the organizers of last year’s event) and Donald Albright of Tenderfoot TV. More information on current board members can be found here.