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On August 20, the two part series finale of “Moonbase Theta, Out” will drop. The second will drop on September 3. An epilogue, releasing October 1, will also be available on the show’s podcast feed at that time. The story is written by DJ Sylvis (They/Them).

Moonbase Theta: From Alpha to Zeta

Produced by Monkeyman Productions and part of the Fable and Folly podcast network, “Moonbase Theta, Out” is a fiction podcast with numerous awards under its belt. They’ve won or have been a finalist/nominated for the 2020 Webby and AudioVerse Awards. The latter of which the show was a finalist on yet again the following year. Their most recent accolades are the 2022 Web Fests for Minnesota and Miami, and the 2023 NJ Web Fest where they won the Jury award for podcast writing.

Our review of the story’s first season called its main character Roger Bragado-Fisher the polar opposite of Doug Eiffel from Wolf 359. Where Eiffel is outwardly chipper and inwardly pessimistic, Bragado-Fisher is “melancholic with a dash of optimism.”

In Capitalism, No One Can Hear You Scream

Those new to the world of “Moonbase Theta, the first season introduces us to the main character Roger Bragado-Fisher. Fisher—played by Leeman Kessler—is the last active operator for a series of Moonbases out in space. The main character has a husband named Alexandre who he mentions on his broadcasts to corporate overlords in charge of the moonbase program. The worldbuilding doesn’t really come into play in the first season until the end. Tor.com called the show hopeful, despite its bleak outlook on “loneliness and the evils of capitalism.”

“Moonbase Theta, Out” started off as a guy alone in space. It became this juggernaut of queer science fiction where in fact, he can be heard. And perhaps more frightening than nobody being able to hear you in space is the idea that someone is watching or listening, they just don’t care.