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Request Guidelines

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1. If an unreleased show:

  • Make sure you allow 2-3 weeks before the live date for listening and reviewing.
  • Go here and put any amount $0.50 or above. There is a fee for credit/debit cards. A bank account is recommended to avoid the fee, but the choice is yours. I do not see any important information and Paypal takes care of the transaction.
  • Include at least the first three episodes for review as mp3 files (if not included with the press kit).
  • Allow a 24-48 hour grace period after the first episode posts for your review to post

2. If new show with less than 5 episodes:

  • You can either request expedited service for $3 on Ko-Fi or wait
  • Same timing rules above apply here (2-3 weeks notice and 24-48 grace period for publishing the review.

If you have questions or concerns, e-mail michael@audiodramareviews.com.

3 thoughts on “Request Guidelines

  1. Thanks for your detailed instructions. I just wanted to make sure I understand how firm of an ending you require. Do most major plot threads need to be resolved, or do you just not want to have to hear a cliffhanger?

    We’ve reached a point in our series which would basically function as a midseries break if this were television. There are several major plot threads that need to be resolved, but all of our main characters have reached definitive, irreversible turning points in their story arcs. Should we submit now or would we be best served waiting until the actual end of the season.

    Thank you!

    1. I’d wait until you finish the season to be on the safe side. To answer your other question: yes, you can end on a cliffhanger, but it should add something new you plan on exploring further along in the series. A good example of this is the pilot episode of Hadron Gospel Hour. It wraps up the episodes main conflict, but adds something to the end which setups the entire series.

      Hope that answers both your questions.

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