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Welcome to the Site

Hopefully everything on the site is self-explantory, but in case it’s not, here’s the basic rundown.


The archives are broken down into four categories, defined as:

Audio Drama

A movie or television show for the ears.

Full Cast

A stage play for the ears.

Radio Drama

Audible dramas from the Golden Age of Radio.


An oral performance of a book or short story.

Those are just my definitions to better categorize the site. There is some overlap between Audio Drama and Full Cast and productions that fall under both categories are placed under all the appropriate sections. If all else fails, there is always the search bar (found at the top-right corner of any page).

Requesting a Review

You can request a review by clicking here or by using the navigation bar and selecting “Request Guidelines” All the information you’ll need in order to submit is on there. If there are any questions, leave them in comments.

Site Updates and New Reviews

All new updates to the site can be found under the “Behind the Scenes” category of the site. Simply click the link above to go to all the posts labelled with that category.

There you have it. Hope you enjoy your stay and keep coming back.

–Michael Bergonzi

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