Mistborn: The Well of Ascension (Parts 1-3)

Another fine job from the people over at Graphic Audio. Last year all three parts of Mistborn: The Final Empire (Book 1 in the Mistborn Trilogy) were reviewed in three separate reviews. This time you’re getting the whole story all at once.

First off, loved the political intrigue. Sanderson has a way of making the game of politics fun just in his descriptions. They aren’t complex by any stretch of the imagination, but they are easy to understand.

Full disclosure, I read a little over half this book on my Kindle. I never gotten around to finishing the ebook, but needless to say I did complete all three parts and love every minute of it. Even picked up on little details I missed when reading. This made long bus and car rides manageable and fun.

The ending is where this story truly shines. Sanderson said it before that each book of the Mistborn trilogy took a fantasy trope and turned it on its head. The Well of Ascension is no different. The way he turns a particular trope is both awesome and kind of obvious. You wonder why no one thought of doing that back when the book was first released. The first part of the third Mistborn book was purchased not too long after, on Graphic Audio’s site.

The story ends on a bit of a cliffhanger the main conflict is resolved, but the final chapter poses a new question. Me personally, that’s a good example of a cliffhanger and something I strive for in my own writing.

5/5 Stars

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