We’re Alive: A Story of Survival (Season 1)

Where to begin? Well first let me open with a disclaimer and say that I bought the audible download of the first season. What this means is that I had no advertisements; just pure audio goodness. Also let me say that I’m not a fan of zombie-anything. I feel that sub genre of post apocalyptic stories is overdone and there are only a handful of good ones out there. “We’re Alive” is one of the good ones.

The story starts off pretty basic for a zombie story. The dead have risen and are reeking havoc. It’s only until we are introduced to two of my favorite characters: Saul and Michael that the story becomes interesting. That’s within the first couple episodes as well. I enjoy Saul, because he is just a good person. I like Michael because he’s smart. Screw it, all the characters are awesome, and that’s what makes a good zombie story (or any story for that matter). In a good zombie apocalypse story, the drama comes from the characters. The subtitle of the series: “A Story of Survival” is aptly named, because the zombies are just a backdrop. They may become important later, but as of the season 1 finale, I could really care less about the fact that there are zombies.

Most of the characters are likable, but they are by no means perfect. A perfect example is Michael. He serves as a sort of mentor figure for the people of the apartment complex. However, he also yells at people for a simple mistake. Granted any mistake could cost people their lives in such a scenario, but the way the actor played the character made it sound like the person who caused the accident did it on purpose. For me personally I hate people that do that. On the other hand, as I said above, Michael is one of my favorite characters. His character flaw is what makes him more rounded and realistic as a person.

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